EPICUTIS was born in one of the most advanced scientific laboratories in the world. Developed by Dr. Jeffry Stock, renowned biophysicist and tenured Professor in the departments of Molecular Biology and Chemistry at Princeton University, this first-of-its kind professional skincare brand applies the wisdom of drug research technologies to the development of topical ingredients and products.

Princeton Lab Origins

The Epicutis brand was born in a Princeton research lab, using advanced biotech development methods. Realizing the potential of our technology in the skincare industry, we searched for a brand that met our standards for product transparency, clinical legitimacy, clean formulation and responsible development. Nothing came close—so we created our own brand.

Our research background means that total transparency and data-backed ingredients are part of our DNA. We conduct meticulous analysis on all our individual ingredients and how they combine in our formulations to ensure that when we say “clean,” we really mean it.

Epicutis Products